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Roderick Murray possesses a keen sense of what will bring success to personal, financial, and business endeavors. His advice has been sought by great leaders throughout the country. He comes from an entrepreneurial background and has proven success in multiple programs and ventures. His input in various undertakings has proven invaluable especially in financial turnarounds. After two decades in behind the scenes priceless counsel, Roderick Murray is expanding his expertise to offer it to the general public. 


He proved his S4 model in his ministry venture that resulted in unprecedented growth and attracted people has given proof to his S4 model in ministry and business. He has advised individuals on entrepreneurship, money matters, and personal relationships.


Roderick Murray's Coaching is a solution to every enterprising dilemma. Roderick Murray stands ready to give you the tools to explode on the public scene and bring your vision into real time results. 


Mark your calendar to attend one of his upcoming seminars. Come ready to receive answers to your most daunting tasks hindering your crystal clear view of your life’s goals.